American Society of Medical Technicians 
                                   Founded 1999
                  Helping Medical Technicians Get National Certification

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You have 2 options to apply and pay for your Certification Examination:

1. On-line application and payment (use ASMT online application page & pay on  our web store)

2. Print application form and mail back to us with your check payment

Requirements for taking the examination:

1. Completed application (you can fill out and print application from here)

2. Two recent passport size photo

3. Copy of the Certificate or Diploma from the school

4. Must be 18 years or older

5. A fee of $110.00 payable to:  American Society of Medical Technicians

ASMT also offers a waiver (participants will be exempted from taking the written examination)

To qualify for a waiver:

1.  Working 5 years or more as a Medical Technician (Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist/Nurse  Technician, etc.)

2.  A letter from Supervisor, certifying that the participant has 5 or more years experience doing the title mentioned above.

Things to bring at the Examination:

1. A picture I.D.

2. Pen

3. Pencil