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The American Society o Medical Technicians accepts applications for certification for the following fields:

1. Phlebotomy Technician

2. EKG Technicians

3. Laboratory Assistant

4. OR Technician & Technologist

5. Nurse Technician

6. Dialysis Technician

7. Pharmacy Technician

8. IV Technician

9. Patient Care Technician

10. Patient Support Technician

11. Medical Assistant

12. Dental Assistant

13. Certified Nurse

14. Patient Care Associate 

15. Medical Billing

All applicants who pass the written examination will be recognize by ASMT and will receive a certificate and an ID card issued by the ASMT. Having passed the exam through ASMT will be an advantage on your favor to land a job in the health care industry and may enhance your present career.

A mandatory Continuing Education is required for all certified members.

Six (6) hours of continuing education every year is required to update membership.

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