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                  Helping Medical Technicians Get National Certification

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MAY/JUNE 2016 



MAY 25, 2016       -      6pm to 9pm (EVENING CLASS) WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS

MAY 28, 2016       -      1pm to 4pm (AFTERNOON CLASS) - SATURDAYS

JUNE 14, 2016       -      10am to 1pm (MORNING CLASS) - TUESDAY & THURSDAYS

JUNE 17, 2016       -       6pm to 9pm (EVENING CLASS) - WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS

JUNE 18, 2016       -      10am to 1pm (MORNING CLASS) - SATURDAYS

*** Class Fee = $720 DUAL Class & Certificate

*** Want one class & certificate only  = $560 (OR Technician Only)



*** Class Fee = $560 per Class/Certificate


MAY 24, 2016           -     6pm to 9pm (EVENING CLASS) - TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS

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ASMT is a National Agency that certifies Medical Technicians (Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, Laboratory Assistant, EKG Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Operating Room Technician, Nurse Technician, Dialysis Technician, IV Technician and Dental assistant.

Our Goal:

To make sure that all participants have a full and complete knowledge of their chosen course. They will be tested by written examination on the general aspect of the course. The association is giving a yearly Continuing Education, to update the participants of new techniques, new equipments and procedures every year.

ASMT is an organization that gives health care professionals a sense of professionalism which help them feel more confident on their duties and that feeling reflects back on the lab or their place of work.

The society stresses that professionalism begins with the certification process. The role of the health care professionals is changing dramatically and ASMT strives to provide confidence and compassion, as well as the sense of belonging and fellowship for these members of the health care staff.


8 National Certification Exams !

1. Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

2, Operating Room Technician (OR Tech)

3. Patient Care Technician (PCT)

4. Medical Assistant

5. Phlebotomy Technician (PBT)  

6. EKG Technician

7. Dialysis Technician

8. Pharmacy Technician

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